About Plethora.

Plethora is an alternative fashion brand for plus size individuals of all genders. For fat people that are tired of being secondary, forced to shop on a separate section of a brand's website. Only offered boring wallflower options meant to make you fade into the background. Not here! At Plethora we put fat people first, offering bold clothing choices that help you take up space and be seen while doing so. We offer a wide variety of subculture styles from E-babes to Cottagecore. Plethora shows you what our clothing looks like on real fat people, no editing out the natural rolls and bumps. Whether you identify as fat, plus size, thick, chubby, fluffy, or curvy we have something for you!

Plethora is an independent women owned business. As we grow we will continue to expand our sizing options. We look forward to having you join us on our journey!